Milokraj ("Beloved Land")

New music that draws from Czech & Slavic folklore as well as Latin American traditions


Marta Topferova is one of the most unique singers and songwriters of her generation. She has been heavily influenced by Czech and Slavic musical traditions, as well as Latin American folk music. As a steady creative force on the New York music scene for sixteen years, Marta collaborated with some of the best musicians from the Latin, jazz and world-music circles, and this experience has forged a dynamic mix of styles in her work. Marta recently returned to her homeland, the Czech Republic, in order to launch an ensemble of Czech and Slavic music - Milokraj - meaning "beloved land". The result is an entirely new sound, featuring an all-star Eastern European line up: Slovak violinist Stanislav Palúch, Moldavian cimbalom player Marcel Comendant, Czech guitarist David Dorůžka and Czech bassist Petr Dvorský. Their CDs have ranked among the top ten groups on the World Music Charts Europe, Spin the Globe (USA), among others. Milokraj was also selected to perform at WOMEX 2017 in Katowice, Poland, and has toured the Czech Republic, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, UK, Hungary, Austria, Poland and Estonia.


Marta Topferova (Czech Republic) – vocals, cuatro & compositions

Stanislav Palúch (Slovakia) – violin

Marcel Comendant (Moldavia/Slovakia) – cimbalom

David Dorůžka (Czech Republic) – acoustic & electric guitar

Petr Dvorský (Czech Republic) - acoustic bass



"Very beautiful songs" -- Robert Browning, World Music Institute, New York
I am very pleased that there is a project whose goal is to bring Czech and Moravian music into a global context. — Petr Doruzka, Czech National Radio, Prague



LeoŠ JanáČek's folk ballads & Moravian folk poetry in songs


Marta and pianist Aneta Majerová, have come together to collaborate on Leoš Janáček's folk ballads and Moravian folk poetry in songs. Janáček's songs are hauntingly beautiful, mysterious, and closely tied to the Moravian landscape, traditions, and folklore. Moravia also happens to be the region where Marta was born, so it's been particularly inspiring for Marta to get to know this genius Czech composer. Marta has been honored to receive a grant from the Leoš Janáček Foundation to perform several concerts of Janáček's works in the spring of 2016.

Marta is also newly collaborating on this program with pianist Jan Bartoš. 


Marta Topferova – voice

Aneta Majerová - piano


Jan Bartoš - piano




La dílna

Workshop of Latin American songs and rhythms

La dílna is an ongoing workshop of Latin American songs and rhythms.

La dílna was created as a space for Marta to share her extensive knowledge and experience within Latin American music, which she gathered during the time she spent among the Hispanic community in the United States. The workshops enable participants to get to know Latin American rhythms and styles. La dílna is mainly focused on teaching songs and basic rhythmic accompaniments on hand percussion and clapping. We learn songs in styles such as the Cuban son, guajira, Colombian porro, Venezuelan joropo, Chilean cueca or Argentinean chacarera. We also spend time learning rhythms on the maracas, clave and hand clapping, which singers typically use to accompany themselves.

Both singers and instrumentalists can participate. Lead sheets and lyrics are provided.

La dílna Facebook page:



Trova – original & Latin American songs


Marta’s "Trova" ensemble reflects her longtime love and dedication to Latin American music. Comprised of mostly original songs rooted in rhythms such as the Venezuelan vals, Chilean cueca or Cuban son, as well as some traditional pieces, her touring group is usually a quartet and features four-string cuatro, charango or tres, accordion, guitar, bass and percussion.


TROVA in the US / Canada:


Marta Topferova - vocals, cuatro

Aaron Halva (US) - tres, accordion

Pedro Giraudo (Argentina/USA) - bass

Neil Ochoa (Venezuela/USA) - percussion


in Europe / Latin America:


Marta Topferova - vocals, cuatro

Alejandro Soto Lacoste (Chile/Germany) - guitar, accordion, piano

Cristian Carvacho (Chile/Germany) - charango & percussion


Minino Garay (Argentina/France) - percussion




Marta Topferova & Edmar Castañeda


Original compositions by Marta Topferova, Edmar Castañeda & traditional Latin American songs


Marta Topferova - vocals, cuatro, percussion

Edmar Castañeda - (Colombia/New York) - harp





"Duets: Lucía Pulido & Marta Topferova" - duets of Colombian & Venezuelan songs


Occasionally, these two soulful singers unite to revive duets of Colombian and Venezuelan songs that they've been singing together since they met in 1996 in New York City. The Colombian and Czech singer have had a special musical connection ever since.


Lucia Pulido (Colombia/New York) - vocals, cuatro & percussion

Marta Topferova - vocals, guitar & cuatro

+ special guests on bass, strings or percussion